I’m a writer who reads, creating fantasies to fulfill followership needs!

So, you want to know who I am huh? I’m guessing you’re looking for more than just age, sex, location then? Ok, you asked for it *grin*


I’ve written stories since I was very, very small. My first full short story was called ‘The Blob’. I think I was about seven then, and I terrified – probably scarred for life – a group of 20 peers when I was asked to read my piece aloud in class. It was no work of genius, and who knew kids would be scared of a big green blob which chased them around school corridors and slithered over their bodies, slowly dissolving them alive? I reckon I could still write that piece today; with greater sophistication maybe, but basically the same pant-wetting terror ride. From then on, I got the bug and I have not stopped writing since.

I have been published a few times, contributing short stories to several anthologies. I have covered just about everything in that time, including – yes, I went there – fan fiction. It was actually pretty darn good (even if I say it as shouldn’t) and eventually reached a massive audience via email (because we couldn’t post it on the forum dedicated to the popera group in question… risque didn’t begin to cover it!)

Now I concentrate on short stories, and I hope to turn my Green Lake tales into a novel at some point. I am well known for having at least one death per tale and it is a rare day when the poor characters in my mental green room can come to work without Kevlar and hazmat suits *wink*

You want to know more? You really are a glutton for punishment. Anyone who reads my blog will come across the personal section in which I rant about my depression. I had my first breakdown when I was thirteen and it’s been a rollercoaster since (Officially, I have cyclothymia, same as the wonderful Stephen Fry), but you can read those posts if you want to know about that.

I have multiple interests and hobbies ranging from reading, music and cookery to knitting, walking and gaming. I am a massive fan of the Final Fantasy games, love to watch my friend play Dota, and am currently having a love hate relationship with a game called Hearthstone. I am pagan (not Wiccan) and I follow a solitary path with occasional jaunts to Glastonbury to join the celebrations there through the year.

As I don’t really know what else to say, I shan’t. Enjoy wandering my corner of the bloggersphere and hopefully you’ll be a part of my followership (I’m determined to make that a thing!)


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    • Thank you so much for the nomination. It is very much appreciated, but forgive me please if i do not participate as I have had this award twice already and I am short on time this week because of Samhain (Halloween) celebrations to prepare for. Thank you for thinking of me *hugs*

      • No worries… I understand, I’m in the same situation πŸ™‚ think of it as my way of appreciating you and your blog site πŸ™‚


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