Twas a dark and stormy night


Ok, I admit straight away, these are just a bit of silly fun because I latched onto the whole idea of three things, and when I saw ‘dark night’ all I could think of was this!

I do love me some Snoopy *grin* Anyway, here are my trio of extremely silly ‘horror’ stories on the theme of dark night, fridge and tears.

Dark Night

It was a dark and stormy night. From the shadows behind the fridge came a figure. Crying tears of pure terror, the girl backed away…
Sadly for the flatmate who decided to play a Halloween prank, the girl advanced with a frying pan and hospitalised him.


It sat on the abandoned lot. Just a fridge, broken, rusting, but sometimes, on dark nights, it was known to shed blood tears.


It was so old-fashioned, a doll that cried ‘real’ tears. The girl had tossed it in the corner to be ignored in favour of her iPod. Until that dark night when she got up to go to the fridge for a drink and the doll came at her with a knife.


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