From the other side


Here’s my ten minute write. A little early Samhain (Halloween) flash fiction accompanied by my favourite cartoon dog in all the world!

Oh that sun feels good, but time is passing. The rain will come soon and I don’t like sitting on damp earth. Ah, I know that rumble; here comes the man, time to be packed.

Ah, I feel like I belong now. I wonder what the label says. I hope I’m a popular brand this year.

The ride here was pretty bruising, all of us jostling around together in the truck, but I like it here. Lots of us all on display and waiting to be chosen. The kids will grab us all, given the chance, but the mums are picky; after all, they need us to be perfect and beautiful and durable.

I liked being picked, and the ride here. It’s very quiet at night. I sort of miss the rustle of my neighbours, the creaks and snaps as we matured, but this is sort of peaceful too; the calm before the big day.

It’s in the air, excitement. The children are running around talking about candy every minute, who will get the most, which houses will trick and which treat.

I must admit, this is not what I expected. Having your insides scooped out and large chunks of flesh chipped away isn’t all that pleasant, but now I have a lovely warm glow inside from this candle. Sitting here, in front of the house, I can see and hear the children running from house to house, shrieking at scares and laughing, bags filled with candy dangling from ghosts, monsters, vampires, witches, ghouls and every imaginable fright.

It was cold out here overnight. I wonder what happens now. Maybe I’ll be taken in for the table. That would be nice. I would have liked to see the children counting their candy, but being inside would be an improvement on being investigated by cats and deluged by dogs.

Hmm, placed on top of this large bin, I can see a lot more of the street. There seems to be a lot of activity coming up the road. Men running back and forth, shouting to each other. What are they doing with those bins, the ones like mine? Oh, they’re coming here. A new adventure!

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