Security breech


A prompt from the folks at Yeah Write – Write a story that takes place during detention.


Mitch and Kay exchanged glances. Mr Dawson was gradually sliding down in his seat, gentle puffs of sound floating on the chalk-dusted air, his first snores. They gave him another five minutes, then slipped out of the detention classroom on the ground floor of Oxville High. Hand in hand, giggling, they raced through the dark, empty corridors, sneakers squeaking as they skidded around corners.
“We have to get to Bates’ office.” Mitch whispered, slightly breathless from their reckless speed.
“How do we get in?”
Mitch reached into the pocket of his jacket withdrawing a small leather pouch. As they took the first flight of stairs two at a time, he flipped it open and Kay grinned at the array of lockpicks within.
“Where’d you get them?”
“Internet. Used Dad’s credit card. Dumbass was too drunk to notice.”

They rounded the landing and fled up, occasional flashes of moonlight filtering through windows which hadn’t been washed in weeks, making their progress a river of muddy grey light.
“It’s really in there. We can fix everything, our grades?”
“No sweat.”
Reaching the attic floor where Mr Bates, the IT teacher, had his office, Mitch pinned Kay against the locked door, stealing harsh, bruising kisses, Kay convinced she was Bonnie to his Clyde, responding with fervour. A few moments of inept fiddling later and Mitch finally figured out how to use the picks, shoving the door open with a wide grin.
“Told you. No sweat.”

They hurried inside, aware time was limited. Mr Dawson’s alarm would go off to mark the end of detention in less than ten minutes. Kay, always the more technically able of the two, switched Bates’ computer, a frown of irritation on her face as Mitch tried to get grabby. She wriggled him away.
“I need to concentrate, Mitch. Find something to do.”
He wandered off, rifling through assorted piles of paper and manuals, rattling drawers in the large desk and on the pair of filing cabinets. Bored, he returned to Kay at the moment she cracked the password encryption. Her whoop of triumph was cut instantly short when the screen began flashing numbers.

“What the hell is that?” Mitch barked, Kay shaking her head in ignorance.
“Some kind of alarm I guess.”
“You guess?” He had to bellow over the rising volume of the alarm. It was becoming an ever shriller shriek. Kay batted away at the keyboard but could do nothing to make the alarm quit, the pair clapping hands over their ears and turning for the door as one.
Reaching for the door handle, Mitch heard a distinct click and swore vehemently.
“It locked!”
“It’s an alarm, stupid. What did you think, it’d just let us walk away?”
Before the argument could get going the alarm quit, their shoulders dropping in relief. A moment later lasers cut the air, and the couple, to pieces.

When Bates arrived, alerted by a notification on his home pc, he sighed and dialed a clean-up crew. Working undercover for the government sometimes meant overkill when it came to security, and kids were so damn curious.

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